Adventures in Wonder: Susan Maas, author

Welcome! Life is an adventure. Around each corner, over each hill, down each winding pathway, surprises await us. God gives marvelous gifts to us through nature, our families, our friends, and the events of our lives. If we venture forth in hope, eyes open to the wonders around us, what a trip it can be!

Where would you like to go? What wonders of nature would you like to see? What voyage of discovery is calling your name? Don’t be afraid to venture out, learn new things, meet new people, become the person that God intends you to be. Afraid to head out alone? Grab a friend and do something fun together! And don’t forget: you can discover new worlds right in your own home–it’s called reading a book. Through books, we can learn new skills, experience different cultures, trek through exotic countries, even time travel. How wonderful an adventure awaits!

Picture Imperfect